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Overview of the principle of full power converter 2017-11-17 11:55:33
The full power converter of Hopewind Electric supports the use of permanent magnet synchronous generator, electromagnetic synchronous generator or high-speed asynchronous generator in the wind power system, which is composed of generator-side converter and grid-side converter, the both are connected by DC Bus. The generator-side converter connected to generator stator realizes the control of the variable speed and constant frequency of the motor, obtains the best efficiency, and transmits power to grid-side converter through DC-link. Being connected to the power grid, the grid side converter provides the power grid with high-quality electric energy, in the meanwhile, balances the voltages at both DC sides.

The full power converter can realize zero impact on the set in grid connection/disconnection, has excellent fault ride-through capability and can ensure grid connects with turbine friendly, when used together with generator. Moreover, the grid-side converter is of superior active power, reactive power and voltage regulation performance.

Hopewind Electric provides different specifications of full-power wind power converters including 850kW, 1.0MW,1.5MW, 2.0MW, 2.5MW, 3.0MW, 5.0MW and 6.0MW, which obtains a number of patented technology, and owns completely independent proprietary knowledge. Depending on generators, the full power converter of Hopewind Electric can be divided into permanent magnet and electro-magnetic full power converter. According to different application environments, we can respectively offer different application configurations including standard type, plateau type, low temperature type, coastal and sea-based type, etc.
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